Stud outfielder Konnor Griffin recaps his official visit to LSU

by David Folse II

LSU football’s thrilling overtime victory over Alabama wasn’t the only important thing happening this past weekend on campus. 

Jay Johnson and the LSU baseball program played hosts to arguably the best prep baseball player in the country for his fourth official visit. 

Konnor Griffin, is a 6-4, 195-pound product out of Jackson Prep in Mississippi. In his first season at the powerhouse program that has won five consecutive state championships, Griffin hit .472 with six home runs and slugged .876. In addition to his exploits at the plate, the hard-throwing right-hander went 6-2 on the mound, with a 1.64 ERA in 11 appearances. 

“I stayed until the end (of the LSU-Alabama football game),” Griffin said. “I did not rush the field (he joked). Stayed in the stands and I watched the fans. It was an experience that I will never forget. 

“It was a crazy atmosphere. The fans at LSU are definitely different.”

Having already made trips to Texas A&M, Auburn and Ole Miss, Griffin’s official visit to Baton Rouge began on Friday. 

“We actually got in on Thursday night,” he said. “We headed back on Sunday after the fall game against McNeese. Everything that I wanted to see I got to see, whether it be facilities, academic classrooms and  got the chance to hang out with all the players and the coaches. I asked as many questions as I could. That’s the point of these official visits. Getting as many questions answered as you possibly can.”

One of the most talented players in the country from a young age, Griffin’s recruitment when it comes to LSU now spans three recruiting coordinators, starting with Nolan Cain under Paul Mainieiri, now Kansas head coach Dan Fitzgerald and current LSU recruiting coordinator Josh Jordan. 

“When Nolan was there we had a good relationship and when he left and Fitzgerald came in, I loved Coach Fitzgerald. He was an awesome guy and an awesome coach. I was kind of upset when he left LSU, but Coach Jordan has come in and been great. He’s doing a lot of the same things Coach Fitzgerald did for me and my family. I actually began my relationship with Coach Jordan back when he was at Duke. When he got the job at LSU I was super excited. He was one of my tour guides around campus and our relationship continues to grow.

“I was also excited to get a lot of time to sit down with Coach Johnson. The first thing we did on Friday morning was go eat breakfast with Coach Johnson and we sat there for over an hour talking. It was a great experience. I also got the chance to sit in his office a couple of hours before the football game. We talked for a while. It was everything that I could have wanted. I didn’t even expect to have as much 1-on-1 time with him. It was great.”

Getting the chance to take a picture with the much talked about LSU boombox, Griffin talked about some of the other favorite moments from his visit.

“Honestly, I just loved hanging out with the coaching staff,” he said. “Just getting to see what everyday life would be for an LSU Baseball player was just quite enjoyable. I also loved the time I got to see the LSU Nutrition Center.”

Now having made four official visits, Griffin said the plan is to take one more official visit before starting the process of coming up with a decision. 

“I’m taking five because I’m going to make sure I enjoy it,” he said. “That’s what your recruiting process is supposed to be all about. You are supposed to enjoy it. Then we will see where we are at.

“After the final official visit we are going to take some time and try and figure out what school will be my choice,” he said. “The goal is to try and make a decision before the first of the year, but if not by then but before baseball season starts. Make the choice and get the decision out of the way so you don’t have to worry about the process anymore.”

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