Nintendo's Pokémon bring back Kadabra

As we continue to grow in the collectibles world, one of the most fascinating trends to me is always Pokemon cards.

Personally, I was obsessed with them as a kid, and as a collector and business owner— I still gravitate towards them.

Being the space cadet I am, I naturally loved the psychedelic Pokemon— and Abra and Kadabra were two of my favorite from the original set.

Unbeknownst to me— in 2002, Pokemon was sued by a Japanese man whose name was very similar to the Japanese translation of Kadabra.

As a result of suit— Nintendo decided to shut down the production of Kadabra in any of the sets, and even removed the character from the anime until late 2021.

But this summer, that all changes.

Kadabra will be back in the 151-card set, and I cannot wait to see how that affects the market.

Will old Kadabra cards have a premium on them even more than they already do?

Will the new cards be coveted more than other Pokemon?

I am not smart enough to figure all that out, but I am here for it and excited to see how the market responds.

Pokemon continues to be one of the highest products in demand in the collectibles world— both from young fans and older collectors, and I think the addition of a nostalgic character with strong popularity will only enhance the demand.

Excited for June.

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