Former LSU Beach Volleyball Stars pushing for Paris 2024 Olympics

If you are a Baton Rouge person you may have already known about the incredible story of former LSU Beach Volleyball stars, Kristen Nuss and Taryn Kloth.

But lately, the whole world is taking notice.

Kristen and Taryn, known and referred to as “TKN”— their incredible volleyball brand, have come on the professional scene and have been nothing short of extra ordinary.

From winning their first AVP event in Atlanta in 2021, playing and winning qualifiers and FIVB championships, to creating their own brand to help facilitate the growth and opportunities for future volleyball players— these young women are the future of the sport, and all around great young women to be around.

Cards and Culture is fortunate enough to be in Baton Rouge, and I had a chance to have them on my podcast to share their story a little more in-depth.

Recently, we have had an opportunity to create some content for the duo to further help facilitate their growth and the things they want to do around the game.

Kristen and Taryn are out in California to start the year, preparing for an incredible invite-only tournament in Doha, where they have a real opportunity to take home some nice earnings- a rare chance in beach volleyball world.

We will be hosting their clothing line on our website, and helping create content to promote their merchandise which helps their training, travel, and other expenses while they train for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

If you’d like to follow and learn more about the girls, they have a badass blog where they document all their journeys and experiences— and they’re pretty wild.


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