Cheifs' and Mahomes' Super Bowl victory is great for collectibles industry

Every sport needs their face of the league.

With Tom Brady officially retiring, love him or hate him, its safe to say Patrick Mahomes is that face of the NFL.

And the collectible industry loves a player with some marketability, right?

Mahomes has had the best five-year start to a career, having won two Super Bowl championships, two Super Bowl MVP’s and two league MVP’s— and with last nights victory, became the first player to win the regular season MVP and Super Bowl since Kurt Warner in 1999.

Despite some of his antics, the questionable behavior and rowdiness from some of his family— Patty Mahomes is pure greatness, still has an incredibly promising near future, and his historic start and talent is a great thing for the collectibles industry.




After one of his rookie cards broke records and caused headlines for selling for over $4 million, Mahomes is primed to win more championships, have elite talent around him and should further his already desirable collectibles market.

And rightfully so, card and memorabilia companies have someone and something to create worthy product around, all with increasing demand.



While this chart from Card Ladder may not look like the shape you would want as an investor, we have to take into account the bubble and inflation of the market during the pandemic.

If we zoom out and look at his market overall, it's still up over 4,000%, with a market cap of over $60 million.

Thats good, right?


The Chiefs have locked Mahomes up long-term, which means his hefty salary they are paying this year and maybe the next couple, will look like a bargain when he is the sixth, seventh, eighth highest-paid player in the league.

The Chiefs also won the Super Bowl this year while having the seventh-highest playing time for rookies (all six ahead of them missed the playoffs) which is an incredible feat and bodes well for the future.

Oh….and the Chiefs have eleven draft picks this April in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Thats fun.

Patty boy will have young experience, new weapons and talent, and the Chiefs will be competitive with the salary cap with some of the best talent in the league.

Love him or hate him, he’s here, and it’s a good thing for everyone.

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  • Punchy Article!! LOVE the smart concise research with the graph and Eric’s Tweet!

    Might have to jump on cardboard after one more ring…

    For now will stick to plastic shrink LOL :)

    • John Hopper