Buster Scher is changing the game

by Anthony Ranaudo

Buster Scher truly is a one-of-a-kind. 

But in his world, ours too, we may call it a one of one.

Buster is the host of several podcasts, an incredible Internet personality, collector, investor and just seems to be a downright down to earth human being.

I had a chance to talk to him for about 30 minutes on my podcast, and learned that this young man at just the age of 22 has the mindset, and possibly the experience of someone well into in their 40s.

While he may have the mindset of a 40-year-old— he’s probably “accomplished” more than most of them, and in today’s world of immediate gratification, and social media hype— Buster takes everything with a grain of salt.

The humility and humble nature of personality permeates throughout the entire conversation, and you can feel his genuine love and passion for the projects he gives his energy too.

As a younger kid, buster was passionate about sports and broadcasting, and as most success stories go— he started form humble beginnings.

Whether he was broadcasting a high school sports event, or asking basketball players to come on his podcast, he put the work in from a young age WITHOUT looking for immediate results and numbers.

Buster operated as a one-man show for a long time before learning how to build a team a delegate responsibility, something he still is working on today. But, throughout everything….the growth, the “clout”, the following, the celebrities he mixes it up with— if you make it through the whole conversation— you’ll experience first-hand the energy and nature of this man. 

When I asked him where everyone can find him or follow him?  Buster replied, “I don’t want anything from anyone— I simply want everyone to just be passionate and happy with what they do every day.”

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