Bets and Breaks Special: Mint Collective— the ultimate collectibles industry event

This week I got back from Las Vegas where I attended The Mint Collective, a collectibles show with an upscale and business-seminar feel.



The individuals putting on the show were nothing but first-class and super helpful when we had a couple issues with checking-in and when we were thinking of having a booth at the event.

The Mint is a three-day event, maybe four— depending on the ticket you purchased, and if you attended thier Thursday night VIP event.

Thursday night was a kick-off party with the likes of Fanatics CEO, Michael Rubin, NFL Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, and some other really cool athletes, entrepreneurs, and collectors.

Friday was a full day of panel talks, keynotes, and workshops from industry leaders and professionals, and a great networking opportunity within the collectibles industry.

eBay and Topps even put on personal workshops for shop owners, collectors, and entrepreneurs looking to increase direct and/or eBay sales, and offered a ton of opportunity to learn how to increase revenue and bottom line numbers.

Saturday and Sunday were more focused on the marketplace, which operates like a traditional card show.

Vendors from around the country purchase a table and set up their post to buy, sell, trade with individuals looking to add pieces to their collection or network with people in the industry.

The show is held at the MGM Grand conference area, so there is plenty of room and space, and within the show— the feel is extraordinary.

Normally, at shows I have attended, there is often a very crowded feel, and most have a lot of noise.

The Mint is super relaxed, has a more up-scale feel to it, and the collectibles being bought, sold, and traded tend to have a higher value assigned to them.

The only negative to the event, is the cost. I think The Mint out-prices small businesses, and some collectors—especially those that are not spending huge amounts.

I know for us, it was even a tough decision due to the cost and expenses with travel, food, and stay— and if it wasn’t the best decision I made last year to come (netted my Panini and Topps direct deal from networking), I would have probably skipped the event.

Next year, I hope to get a booth and have some great promotions and make the money I spend have a little more tangible ROI.

No matter how you shape it however, these types of events are incredible for hobbyists, business owners, employees, and really anyone in the buy/sell/trade world.

See you next year, Vegas.

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