Best picks rolling into conference play

As college baseball heats up, and SEC and most conference play starts this weekend (a few last weekend), I wanted to throw out some ideas we have been tossing around at Cards and Culture.

We believe that breaking cards, chasing hits, and speculating on prospects in the card world is VERY similar to gambling, if it’s not already considered as it.

Thats why we have introduced “Bets and Breaks”— and are excited to build out this (beta) sub-brand.

In an attempt to build more community around collectibles and card ripping— we thought it would be fun to combine the two sectors.

And Bets and Breaks was born.

It has taken some twists and turns as we have tried to develop the model, but lately we have a good thing going.

I am a former college baseball All-American (playing in the SEC for LSU), National Champion, 1st round draft pick and MLB pitcher.

And I love stats, I love sports, and I love money.

Since the start of the college baseball season, I have been working with my colleague, David Folse II, and we have been analyzing and digesting a lot of information around LSU baseball and the SEC as a whole.

And it’s been a ton of fun.

Mainly because we have been relatively successful with our gambling picks, and LSU is absolutely dominating the world of college baseball!

So far on the season, we have made 45 correct picks, with 20 incorrect picks, for a net profit of $5,000+.

We bet in units (one unit=$100), so if you see 1u….that means $100, if you see .5u, that means $50.


I thought it would be a cool idea to beta test, and almost pilot— a small Twitch or YouTube channel and create a funnel from social media content to land on the channel or our website (I will also write a short post about my picks in case people don’t have social media).

It will be SEC focused, and depending on the time allocation and success— maybe rolling the AL East when MLB season starts— since I grew up a Yankee fan, and played for the Red Sox.

I will do my best to give mid-week picks (great value plays), and weekend previews, along with live in-game analysis on select occasions.

I hope to build our strong community of collectors and gamblers, and hope to provide some insight so our community can make some money!

Lets play— and of course, on gamble with money you are able to afford to lose, and if you or you know anyone who has a gambling problem, please seek help. There are a ton of resources around addiction and gambling…this is meant to be fun and light, but greed and money always affect people differently.

Enjoy, play responsible, and GOOD LUCK!

Here are my picks for this weekend:

Friday Night


Missouri State @ East Carolina

Tennessee @ Missouri

ODDS: +100 odds (5u play from Cards and Culture)

PAYOUT: $1,002 ($502 profit)


Well, our process with college baseball has been pretty simple so far. We focus on a few areas when narrowing down picks for the day.

  • Weekend series wins (Sunday’s when series is 1-1)
  • Friday night matchups
  • When a team has a dominant #2 starter on Saturday
  • Sunday o/u
  • Friday night lines (lines that are too good to pass)
  • Favorable Match-ups

When we pick our match-ups, we then analyze and break down some important stats to winning baseball games. I haven’t included runs in these charts yet because we have so many pre-conference games in their, and some of the stats can be skewed when a team scores 34 runs in one game.

As the year goes on, and stats start averaging out more correctly, we will include runs and runs per game in the charts.

Also— the Saturday and Sunday match-ups will depend on how things go on Friday and also Saturday. So make sure to check social media for our future picks.

For now:

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