Another left-handed arm headed to TigerTown

by David Folse II

BALLWIN, MO–The background on Class of 2024 prospect Brady Kehlenbrink’s phone has him in the purple and gold uniform of his future team with the date of Feb. 22, 2025. 

He wants to be the Opening Day starter for LSU when he arrives on campus. 

(self scouting report) “Four-seam fastball, change-up that moves away from right-handed batters with a two-seam fastball and slider too.”

The process of beginning down that path happened recently when the 6-0, 195-pound left-handed pitcher out of Parkway South High School in Missouri committed to the Tigers. 

“One of the first things I was looking for in a college was the weather,” Kehelenbrink said. “Cold baseball is probably one of my least favorite things. I love the warm weather in Louisiana and have always loved the South.”

The connection Kehlenbrink made with the LSU coaching staff was almost immediate. 

“The biggest reason I chose LSU was the staff and how we connected on my visits,” he said. “When you talk with (pitching coach) Wes Johnson I know that I can improve my pitching ability and only get better. 

“I threw a 10-pitch bullpen with (Johnson) and two pitches in he made a little tweak and change and I saw improvements instantly. My immediate reaction was like ‘man I need to come here.’ I got better after 10 pitches man. Coach Johnson can make me great. You know immediately when you talk to him. Going back to those 10 pitches, after the second pitch, I was throwing four seam fastballs, he looked up at the monitor and said change one thing. I moved my finger like a centimeter up and it increased my movement by 100 RPM’s. On my slider, I was releasing it too late and he got me to release it by my ear. Prior to that I was about 2,000 RPM’s and after he made the change, I gained 300 RPM’s just like that.  It was insane. I was sold right then, all I was waiting for was the offer.”

Kehlenbrink chose the Tigers over offers from in-state Missouri and Utah. 

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